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Sustainability. Quality. Timeless.

Carefully selected brands from around the world for children and women based on these three conditions.


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Come in and see, maybe you'll find something for the little one or maybe something for yourself or someone else you love? We have done the preparatory work so you can shop safely without worrying that someone has been exploited in the process of making the goods you buy in our store. Take the time you need and feel free to ask us if there is anything you need help with.

Sustainability | Quality | Timeless

Sustainable, timeless garments and products for children and women of high quality.

Buy fair trade, ethical and sustainable brands. Clothes in GOTS-certified, environmentally friendly, organic materials such as cotton, linen, wool and llama wool. Discover quality brands which are often not always so cheap, but which provide high value for both the customer and the others in the value chain from start to finish. Browse our range of high quality fashion in timeless design.

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